European Commission Response.

The European Commission is taking resolute action to reinforce the public health sectors and mitigate the socio-economic impact in the European Union regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

As far as the mobility of students and academic staff is concerned, the European Commission recommends those who are already in mobility under the Erasmus + program to keep in touch with the embassies, consulates and honorary consulates in the country of their stay in order to receive assistance in case of need.

The Commission fully respects all of the isolation measures currently being taken at national level in the context of the outbreak of Coronavirus and understands that these may create difficulties in implementing Erasmus + activities. Thus, it is expected that the planned mobility in the near future with the partner countries from affected areas may be delayed by up to 12 months per project.

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Regulations of the Government of the Republic of Moldova

According to the Decision no. 6/2020 of the Extraordinary National Commission of Public Health regarding the evolution of the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 infection, the educational process from public and private institutions, early education, primary, secondary, technical, higher education, special education institutions is suspended throughout the country, between March 11-23, 2020, the Order of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research no. 292 of 10.03.2020 “On the suspension of the educational process in educational institutions”. 

According to the Directive of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research no. 04/1-09/1666 of 11.03.2020, the study process is suspended for all the students, including those students who are involved in any kind of internships and are not obliged to quit the hostels. Those who are going to stay, will respect all the epidemiological prophylaxis measures and will be informed and monitored systematically by the University staff.

Also, all manifestations and internal meetings will be cancelled, but the institutional communication will be realized by using the information technologies (e-mail, telephone, University Management Information System). The heads of departments can decide on organizing the online teaching activities (course, individual work, case study, solving online tests, etc.) with students.

 It is forbidden to organize and conduct manifestations, measures and meetings with the participation of 50 or more people, starting from March 11 until April 1, 2020. The period will be revised later, depending on the epidemiological situation at national level. The access to foreign people in study buildings and hostels is prohibited.

Besides, following the establishment of the Code Red at national level on the evening of 14 March 2020 due to the epidemiological situation regarding the infection with COVID-19 all universities have switched to online learning system.

As a result of the worsening of the epidemiological situation in the country, between March 17 and May 15, 2020 a state of emergency throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova is declared. The measures are instituted in the context of preventing the spread of infection with the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) and are intended to protect the citizens of the country, to prevent, reduce and eliminate the consequences of the epidemic on the territory of the country.

The draft decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova was adopted by the Parliament on March 17. The normative act stipulates the introduction by the authorities of strict measures that must be respected by all entities, by the economic agents and by the population. Thus, a special regime of entry and exit from the country was established, a special regime of movement on the territory of the republic, as well as a quarantine regime with the taking of other mandatory sanitary-epidemic measures and a special work program for all entities.

Regulations of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the orders and indications of the administration of the Alecu Russo Balti State University can be found at the link:

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