Endava is inviting you to the next Connect IT event about the Low code & software configuration. Join us on Thursday, February 24, to find out why Low Code is a great way to launch your career in technology.


  • What is ‘low code’ and configuration?
  • What are the benefits of low code?
  • What skills are needed to succeed in configuring software and low code solutions?
  • What are the career paths and opportunities that this capability brings?
  • When to use low code and when not to?
  • What does a configuration team look like?
  • Case studies

24 February

6 PM

Daniel Robinson


Dan has 20+ years of experience in delivering complex IT projects and running products and businesses for leading UK insurers. He is focused on both delivering for insurance clients and growing the Insurance vertical in Endava.
Robert Anderson


Robert is an enterprise architect with 20+ years of IT experience and Endava’s principal architect for the insurance industry. His focus is on emerging IT trends, specifically those supporting customer experience, and ensuring that business objectives are met through strategic architecture.
Join the event, ask your questions, and enjoy!
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